I like to paint stuff

Hello, my name is Sami Rouhiainen and I love painting.

Story & mood

I want to tell a story with my paintings. I do an occasional study or two every now and then, but what really drives me as an artist is storytelling.

Astronaut approaching a space ship high above Mars.

Science Fiction is my favourite topic

I grew up in the 80’s and that era left a lasting impression on me and to my imagination especially.

2 characters looking at a wrecked spaceship

I still remember the day very clearly, when I saw the first episode of Battlestar Galactica on TV. My consciousness was forever changed with the visions of space battles and adventures. There’s many other shows from that era that I also remember very fondly: StarFleet, M.A.S.K., Captain Power, Robotech, Ulysses 31 just to name a few.

Futuristic racing vehicle getting ready to race

Added value

I provide Design services as a freelancer. Whenever I work for a project, I aim to bring added value together with my painting skills. I’m very good at working with loose descriptions and I like to find different ways to visualise ideas and concepts.

Speed paints

Speed painting is my weapon of choice. It’s a tool that allows me to ideate, iterate and learn without overthinking things too much. Loose, expressive painting style, with just enough details to communicate purpose and story is what I strive for. Clients also seem to like this approach.

Despite mentioning science fiction as a favourite topic, I paint pretty much anything. Characters, landscapes, vehicles, even the occasional kawaii.

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